Pink and Salty


Our Tiny Team


Currently, I look after 20 businesses within the Electrical Services industry.  I have set up Job Management software which integrates with Xero in all 20 and provide ongoing support of these systems.  When a client calls me for help they are not pushed through to a faceless help desk.  You will speak to me in person, someone who knows the system inside-out, and someone who knows what accounting/administrative issues businesses are typically faced with.

I can be your first point of contact for all things relating to the computer systems and can be there during the initial system setup, during training and provide ongoing support once you are up and running.


My strengths lie in my ability to process, analyse and convey information. My personal experiences in the world of Digital Marketing are extensive and I’m familiar with various forms of modern technology/apps/software etc. I am self-taught in the use of graphics products and have experience as a specialist at a Digital Marketing firm. 

My passion is to not only create, but be a part of the invasion process that goes into designing the best marketing strategy for an individual business. My position means I am not only developing and implementing content to push your business further but working as a team to figure out what will be most suitable.